An outstanding innovative

An outstanding innovative intelligent system in the field of global foreign financial asset trading, an intelligent trading robot completed by 30 engineers, actuaries, financial technology analysts, and risk control analysts in the past two years, through the most comprehensive financial product trading experience , And the world’s most mainstream trading strategy, carry out uninterrupted data processing, become the world’s most effective technical analysis system, and an important asset management tool for investors in global financial asset organizations.

Our GT Wallet

is a multi-crypto wallet that currently supports BTC, BCH, WHC, USDT, ETH and all ERC-20 tokens issued on the Ethereum network.
Native Decentralized Exchange (DEX)
GT has partnered with decentralized exchange to create a new digital asset trading and storage experience.
Transactions are settled on the blockchain, providing security and transparency
We improve the mobile trading experience through accessing exchange directly from the wallet

GT – AI trading system

GT – AI trading system displays all commands and strategies that have been executed in an open and transparent way, including exchanges connected, interfaces accessed, information acquisition, interactive reading, analysis of market trend, newly-added monitoring, transaction executed and even the ongoing thinking.
Open source is an important element and feature of the block chain technology. All of the automatic trading software failing to execute open-source commands cannot allow users to verify whether the trading command is being performed truly or effectively